IHDA integrates different project fields

Integrated Hospital Design Alliance represents Nordic excellence in hospital project implementation. Our diverse team includes healthcare analysts, architects, and experts in ventilation, structure, procurement, and project management. We excel in integrating various design and construction fields, uniting project parties. IHDA signifies comprehensive expertise dedicated to advancing healthcare infrastructure.

Members of the IHDA Alliance


Granlund Group

  • The leading HVAC, electrical design and building automation company in Finland
  • Over 200 hospital designers from personnel of 1,400 experts
  • More than 60 years of experience in hospital design projects

AINS Group

  • One of the largest structural engineering offices and the leading construction consulting company in Finland
  • 150 experts in hospital construction, design and integrated project delivery from personnel of 1,300 experts
  • Key structural and geo designer in 400 hospital projects during 60 years
Nordic Healthcare Group - logo

Nordic Healthcare Group

  • The leading health and social care advisory, insights and research company in the Nordics
  • More than 250 experts in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK
  • Over 4000 client projects

AW2 Architects

  • Architecture and interior design specialists for public sector buildings, such as hospitals, healthcare centers, nursing homes & wellness centers
  • Over 60 highly qualified and experienced hospital architects and designers
  • Over 30 state of the art hospital projects delivered globally


  • Leading expert in integrated project delivery (IPD-projects) and lean construction from major hospitals to real estate and railway projects
  • Over 20 lean construction and integration experts
  • 80 IPD-projects in Finland, 67 project alliances

K2S Architects

  • One of the most acclaimed Finnish award-winning architecture practices, more than 50 prizes and awards
  • 15 highly qualified and experienced architects
  • Functionality and unique spatial experiences, as well as profit for clients
Raami arkkitehdit - logo

Raami Arkkitehdit

  • Founded in 2000, now a leading Finnish firm in hospital architectural design.
  • Diverse projects: daycares, residential, industrial, and urban planning.
  • Emphasis on functionality, user-centric design, and joyful work.
  • Innovative use of virtual reality in the design phase.
  • A large team of nearly 40 professionals focused on professional growth and client needs.