Integrated Hospital Design Alliance

Healthy and high performing hospitals

– we bring the Nordic design to your project

Integrated Hospital Design Alliance combines top Nordic expertise in hospital design from healthcare analysts and hospital architects to HVAC design and construction management specialists. 

Integrated Hospital Design Alliance provides health care sector services from the first steps of a hospital project onto property maintenance. The alliance is promoting

a new way of not just how to design hospitals but how to build and maintain them.

Focus on functionality and safety

One of the core features in Nordic hospital design is the strong focus on functionality. During the design process, spaces are carefully dimensioned and tested through simulation. Throughout the design and construction phase, health care professionals are closely involved to make sure the hospital functions support their work in the best way.

By designing optimal spaces, it is possible to provide the best possible health care as efficiently as possible. Smarter spaces also mean fewer but better square metres and less energy consumption on heating and electricity which translates to lower operational costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

Good ventilation is key to health security

Safety in hospitals means many things ranging from fire prevention systems to non-toxic interior materials but one critical part is health security. The coronavirus pandemic has brought health security to everybody’s attention.

Possibly the most important health security concern is the hospital’s ventilation. Well-designed and fitted ventilation helps prevent the spreading of microbes. One of the reasons why the number of COVID-19 cases has remained small in for in Finland for example, is the high standard of ventilation in Finnish buildings. Hospital ventilation standards are also changing in Europe, and it is bringing changes to design solutions.

Digital solutions help both health care

professionals and patients

Digitalization is at the core of modern hospital design. From the start, digital building information modelling, BIM, is used to ensure accurate and flexible design and construction. Digital solutions are also used to generate many key features related to safety and functionality.

With the help of digital solutions such as easy registration and navigation, the hospital visit is made more effortless for the patient. At the same time, health care professionals save time and effort by using a digital tracking app for medical devices and personnel. Patient monitoring such as tumble control can be done digitally. Or, during an

operation, the surgeon can have remote consulting from a specialist across the country.

Sustainable hospital is energy efficient

Hospital is a highly energy-intensive ecosystem. Heating, cooling, medical devices, ventilation, digital data flow – they all need power to operate. To reduce the energy usage, the alliance has developed innovative solutions for hospitals. Energy efficiency and sustainability are improved by recycling the energy streams within the hospital and by using solar power, geothermal energy, and other renewable energy resources. With smart design and continuous energy management, a hospital can significantly cut its energy consumption and thus reduce both costs and CO2 emissions.