Members of the IHDA Alliance


Granlund Group

The leading HVAC and electrical design company  in Finland

  • More than 60 years hospital design projects
  • Two million square metres of designed hospital  space
  • 180 hospital designers
  • Over 1.000 customers and partners in more than  30 countries



AINS Group

Community of 850 experts in the construction and property industry,  with 150 experienced in hospital construction, design and Integrated  Project Delivery

  • Construction management and design partner in 60 % of the  hospital projects currently ongoing in Finland
  • Key structural and geo designer in 400 hospital projects during 60  years
  • 3.800 customer projects per year


Nordic Healthcare Group

The leading social and healthcare advisory  and solutions company in the Nordics  Over 3.000 customer projects

  • More than 200 million patient visits analyzed
  • Over 50 healthcare facility planning projects supported – currently  supporting 5 different hospital projects in Finland and Estonia
  • More than 150 experts in Finland, Denmark and Sweden


AW2 Architects

Architecture and interior design specialists for  public sector buildings, such as hospitals,  healthcare centers, nursing homes & wellness  centers.

  • Over 30 state of the art hospital projects delivered globally
  • Over 60 highly qualified and experienced hospital  architects and designers
  • We strive to create value for our client’s  investments through extensive research work and  innovative solutions


Integrated Healthcare Design

Over 10 years of integrated hospital designing

  • Network of several hundred experts in the Nordic and Baltic  countries
  • Several implemented projects in Finland and Baltic countries  Currently more than 300.000 GFA m2 of hospital space under design
  • Several implemented projects in Finland and Baltic countries by using our unique, fully digitilized medical technology design process



Leading expert in integrated project delivery (IPD-projects) and lean construction from major hospitals to real estate and railway projects

  • 15 integrated hospital projects, 8 project alliances
  • 80 IPD-projects in Finland, 67 project alliances, total value over 6 billion euros
  • Over 100 public procurement in the real estate and construction sector
  • Over 20 lean construction and integration experts

    K2S Architects

    K2S Architects

    One of the most acclaimed Finnish award-winning architecture practices. K2S Architects discovers new ways for human beings to dream, work and live

    More than 50 prizes and awards

    • Resilient landmarks that embody Nordic wellbeing.
    • Innovative approaches, careful details, deep contextual understanding
    • Functionality and unique spatial experiences, as well as profit for clients.

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