Members of the IHDA Alliance


Granlund Group

  • The leading HVAC, electrical design and building automation company in Finland
  • Over 200 hospital designers from personnel of 1,300 experts
  • More than 60 years of experience in hospital design projects

AINS Group

  • One of the largest structural engineering offices and the leading construction consulting company in Finland
  • 150 experts in hospital construction, design and integrated project delivery from personnel of 1,300 experts
  • Key structural and geo designer in 400 hospital projects during 60 years

Nordic Healthcare Group

  • The leading health and social care advisory, insights and research company in the Nordics
  • More than 250 experts in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK
  • Over 4000 client projects

AW2 Architects

  • Architecture and interior design specialists for public sector buildings, such as hospitals, healthcare centers, nursing homes & wellness centers
  • Over 60 highly qualified and experienced hospital architects and designers
  • Over 30 state of the art hospital projects delivered globally




  • Leading expert in integrated project delivery (IPD-projects) and lean construction from major hospitals to real estate and railway projects
  • Over 20 lean construction and integration experts
  • 80 IPD-projects in Finland, 67 project alliances

K2S Architects

K2S Architects

  • One of the most acclaimed Finnish award-winning architecture practices, more than 50 prizes and awards
  • 15 highly qualified and experienced architects
  • Functionality and unique spatial experiences, as well as profit for clients

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